Belton Labs

400 King Street, Fredericton,
New Brunswick
E3B 1E3
Toll-Free: 1.866.274.7383

BeltonLabs conceptualizes innovative products, services & solutions both independently and in conjunction with various businesses & organizations. These concepts are developed to be taken to the next level by entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, organizations, etc… that are looking for innovative concepts to further enhance their own goals and objectives.

BeltonLabs, in certain situations, will work with Clients looking to further develop their own Innovation Funnel. What’s in your Innovation Funnel? What products, services, solutions are you currently ideating for immediate launch? What product or service improvements could immediately lead to an increase in profit? What new add on or value added service could be introduced to existing Clients sold at a healthy margin?

Let’s put together an Innovation Strategy to help you fill your Innovation Funnel. We’ll distill initial Ideas until we can find and nurture the most powerful concepts for success.

“An Idea without execution is an hallucination.” THOMAS EDISON

Take a moment to view a few projects we’ve been working on at Belton Labs or by calling us Toll-Free, 1.866.274.7383 to fill your Innovation Funnel today!

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