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Then how do we explain the popularity of someone like PewDiePie, a YouTube creator with over 50 MILLION subscribers, whose videos get millions of views and are 15, 20, 30 minutes PLUS in length? Or the fact that longer articles tend to get more shares? Or that binge-watching entire seasons of a show is all the rage?

Truth is, getting people to engage with your content has very little to do with the length of it. It could be 6 seconds long or 60 minutes long and if it is dull and forgettable, nobody will watch it.

But that’s a whole other video and topic (that I regularly explore). This week, I’m actually diving into another angle of this subject: how long should your videos be in order to satisfy the YouTube algorithm changes of late.

You see, YouTube wants a certain length of content…and in order to find out what that is and why, you’ll just have to watch more than 30 seconds of my video. 😉

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Originally published in LinkedIn Pulse

Truly Social is a web series that you can share with your boss or client when they’re not really “getting” social. It’s also the name of my Tara’s Company – where she works with clients on helping them develop their own web series.

Tara’s been working on this social stuff for over 16 years and has been a participant in the social web since 1992. Tara’s videos will come out every SUNDAY…with ~5 minute “lessons” on what are truly social practices (and what are NOT).

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