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Despite how easy it is to launch a webstore, scaling an online business remains extremely difficult even for the most seasoned ecommerce expert. Ecommerce sales are growing, but many retailers are struggling to capitalize on their digital sales channels. The secret to success is no longer just get it out there and see how it performs. The most successful retailers are strategic and targeted in their efforts, both offline and on.

Effectively targeting a ready-to-buy audience, though, requires solid data and statistics on your customers. For most small and mid-market retailers, bandwidth is low and resources even sparser. Conducting such high-level research to gain a full industry view of who buys what, where and why is costly and heavy on time.

This is why we did it for you. Below, you’ll find ecommerce trends, data and statistics reporting on exactly how Americans shop online, why they convert, why they don’t and who your business should be targeting on the various online channels in order to optimize for ROI.

Dive in, or get more information about the methodology of our study or get full visual data and analysis on what this means for the industry as a whole.

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