(Image/Gene Fowler)
We sit down with Gene Fowler and ask him about his best customer experience…

Describe the best customer experience story you’ve had and how it has influenced your business.
Just last year, actually! There’s a small studio in Montreal that worked on a project for us and we didn’t give them much money to do it. When they brought it back,  they made it look better than what we could have done with it. That was a nice experience! I was really happy, as we didn’t even expect that kind of service. It was on time, on budget and the project went better than we thought it could. I thought that was good, when those unexpected positive circumstances arrive. It just makes me want to do more of the things that I used to do, back in the day when I had more resources. Like sending pictures or big canvas prints of people’s cartoon characters and stuff after the project is done. So it makes me want to do that more and more.

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