Troy’s “Huggable” Tuesday

There is only one, pivotal, question that is driving all serious branding efforts in 2017 and beyond. Goes like this: “How can we get the customers to do the marketing for us?”  In other words, what can...

Craig Ryan And The BDC

  The B Corp Bank Introducing Craig Ryan and BDC Financing is a big deal for entrepreneurs, but so often the charter banks just don’t “get” entrepreneurs. Luckily for Canadians, there is an option out there that...

Why You Will Fail To Have A Great Career

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Where Good Ideas Come From

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Almost Baymous: Comedy Focuses On Identity… H/T CBC

'Not who they were 50 years ago,' says director of sketch comedy revue. The director of a new sketch comedy revue is turning to tradition in his first foray into directing, hoping to reveal something...

Phone-Controlled Range Rover

  Your phone-controlled Range Rover helps you get out of a jam. Inspired by James Bond and Tomorrow Never Dies? Tight parking spot? Proper height clearance? At 4mph and safety features built in, Q may...

Paul French And Innovation & Technology Today

Thomas Fuller once said, “He that fears not the future may enjoy the present.” Though we may be uneasy about where the advances of technology will take us, the future is coming and it...

In-Ground Bicycle Lift Helps Commuters

  In Norway, an in-ground bicycle lift helps commuters overcome a steep hill located in the City of Trondheim. Bicycle usage has been rising around the globe and we'll be sure to see more of...