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Riley Giffen may only be 22 years old but he’s already bought a rental property, graduated from university with an engineering degree and launched his own distillery business.

WEST ST. ANDREWS, Colchester County — The life of Riley Giffen is not as carefree as the phrase might suggest.

Giffen’s young entrepreneurial life is already defined by long hours and hard work.

“I didn’t miss out on too much trying to do this but I was busy, especially during my last year at school,” Giffen, 22, said of balancing the operation of the rural Coldstream Clear distillery and working toward a chemical engineering degree from Dalhousie University this past June.

“I was doing this and school. I did what I needed to do to pass.”

Giffen’s products, consisting of a “growing variety of vodka, rum and liqueurs” have been receiving more than a passing grade from consumers.

Long Story Long

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