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Few things are more enjoyable than watching a young person struggle to overcome obstacles in pursuit of a worthy goal.

This pursuit started with a single phone call to his mother.

The conviction in the young man’s voice was unmistakably clear.

Nothing – repeat nothing – was going to get in his way once Josh discovered YouTube sensations Casey Neistat and Gary Vaynerchuk were going to be appearing together at a marketing conference held several weeks ago in Niagara Falls.

From that moment on, every hitch, obstruction or scheduling complication was just another problem to be solved for a first-year university student determined to take a 9-hour overnight bus ride from Ottawa to be in his seat for the 11:00 a.m. start time the next morning.

While millennials are routinely described as an overconfident, dogmatically assertive, über-entitled and woefully lazy bunch, along comes an up-and-coming YouTuber like Josh who single-handedly shatters that stereotype.

Millennial, schmillennial.

Unfailingly polite, humble and extremely hard-working, there is a lot to be learned from any 18-year old like Josh who invests hours of hard work and stops at nothing to sharpen his skills and perfect his craft. If you appreciate the youthful spirit of doing whatever it takes to get where you want to go, hop in for an adventurous ride that offers No Sleep ’Till Niagara on this edition of The Reinvention Chronicles. 

“Conformity is the last refuge of the unimaginative”
OSCAR WILDE (1854-1900)


p.s…. the aforementioned Josh (pictured above with mom) and a couple of his university buddies are in the final stages of launching a YouTube channel and company that holds an incredible amount of promise. Dubbed No Sleep Productions they are determined to cut as few classes as possible and pull as many all-nighters as it takes to make their offerings market worthy.


p.p.s… Who knows if millennials will ever acquire the financial resources, career stability, and material possessions of their parents? Not sure if they really care or give it much thought. More worldly and  educated, less naïve and pretentious and definitely more digitally fluent than any previous generation, they will likely possess the innate courage to pursue their dreams without feeling the need to conform to societal expectations that worship the idea of pursuing a pension at the expense of a life filled with backpacking, couch surfing and buying from thrift stores.

There is little doubt that the overly simplistic, judgmental way boomers tend to characterize non-conforming millennials is just another case of old man history simply repeating himself just to hear the sound of his own voice. You can be fairly certain that over 1,000 years ago, the boomer version of Vikings were sitting around bonfires, gnawing on carcasses,,complaining to their management consultants that the younger Vikes were a little too soft; that they weren’t raping, pillaging and plundering with same level of tenacity and work ethic compared to previous generations.

That’s what makes younger media Vikes like Casey Neistat and Gary Vee so fascinating to watch; modern-day Oscar Wilde’s provoking thought through glittering conversations.

Originally published in Reinvention Chronicles

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