Biofuel Agreement Will Mean ‘Major Changes,’… H/T CBC

Botwood is one step closer to an economic boost that the mayor hopes could bring financial stability to the central Newfoundland town and neighbouring communities for decades to come.  The Newfoundland and Labrador government has signed...

Husky Energy Eyes West White Rose Expansion

Engineering and subsurface work continues. Husky Energy says it hopes to be in a position next year to decide on whether to go ahead with the West White Rose extension project.

Fredericton Looks At Renewable Energy Program: H/T CBC

The city has budgeted $100,000 for renewable energy but hasn't designated the money for a specific project. The City of Fredericton is looking to develop a renewable energy program and has hired consulting firm, MCW Custom Energy...

Hibernia Pumps 1 Billionth Barrel Of Oil In Newfoundland’s Offshore

Platform scheduled to continue producing until 2040, more than double initial projections. The Hibernia oil platform off Newfoundland's east coast has pumped its one billionth barrel of oil, a milestone reached on Dec. 21.

Frontier Power Systems Continues Growth

"Frontier Engineers have spent the last 15 years developing wind energy technology for economic applications in both utility and remote communities." Carl Brothers - General Manager, Frontier Power Systems

$100 Oil In The Forecast, According To Commodity Investment… H/T CBC

Tim Pickering with Auspice Capital Advisors says oil could reach those dizzy heights again within 5 years. The founder of a Calgary commodities and trading firm says 2017 should be a good year for recovering oil...