When passion and innovation merge the results can be powerful. Someone who knows all about this situation is Shawn Leger. Shawn has worked in the rehab field for 16 years and he also has a passion for finding solutions to his customers needs. One day he was fitting a wheelchair for an elderly man when he noticed he kept leaning to one side. Shawn found out that this man was a career truck driver and his lean was a result of his many years sitting on the road. This got Shawn thinking about the posture of those who have to drive for a living and resulted in him forming FORCE 3 Innovations to help solve the problem. The product he has now patented and tested can lower back pain, increase tolerance, and provide enhanced health outcomes. The product could also be the only one of its kind that would keep drivers awake longer. Not to mention, that it comes integrated with technology to remember your preferred seat configuration and configurations can be uploaded to clinicians to access if the configuration is correct for your posture. Check out this week’s Boiling Point to hear from a leader fueled by passion.

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