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There is only one, pivotal, question that is driving all serious branding efforts in 2017 and beyond.

Goes like this:

“How can we get the customers to do the marketing for us?” 

In other words, what can we do at our trade show booth that would inspire passers-by to whip out their smart phones and post pictures to their Facebook or Insta-Snap accounts?

Or, what could we do at our place of business or on the job that would make people want to click “share” on that YouTube video and create a ripple effect through cyberspace for the product, service or personal brand you are trying to grown and sustain?

About a year ago to the day, an otherwise ordinary salesman decided to leave the world of “average” and take his game to another level. He took to Facebook and started posting weekly video content with the sole intent of putting smiles on people’s faces.

Would you believe he has connected with hundreds of people who are now doing his marketing for him?

Troy Fasquel wound up creating a personal brand within a brand.

And he would be the first to tell  you that the magic of Troy’s Huggable Tuesday  is something that can be universally applied by anyone or any business on this edition of The Reinvention Chronicles.  

“It’s important to build a personal brand because it’s the only thing you’re going to have.Your reputation online, and in the new business world is pretty much the game, so you’ve got to be a good person. You can’t hide anything, and more importantly, you’ve got to be out there at some level


Personal Branding is a subject that career-minded people dive into when they want to get noticed, get ahead and separate themselves from the pack in their respective category. There are good reasons for that given the 4 types of information clutter we all deal with each day.

  1. ADVERTISING CLUTTER – Too many messages with similar, unsubstantiated claims.
  2. PRODUCT CLUTTER – Too many choices with promises of “top quality”.
  3. PITCH CLUTTER – Too many hype-driven “Sham-Wows” hurled our way.
  4. MEDIA CLUTTER – Too many competing platforms gorging on fast-food media.

Here are some things to consider to conquer that clutter and establish yourself as an expert in your space who won’t be confused with anyone else in the category.



Trying to build a personal brand today without an on-line video presence is futile. Give up now if you are not prepared to look a video camera in the eye and share what you know with the world through platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook Live. Consider 2017 as the year we can start to prepare written text for burial. And while it won’t die completely, we are seeing a rapid decline in the use of the alphabet’s 26 letters, which are being replaced by moving pictures.

The numbers are staggering. Impossible to ignore.

Facebook’s total audience is now at 1.71 billion. There are 3.8 billion daily views for Facebook video, which shows 100% growth in just six months. YouTube has over a billion users —  nearly one third of all people on the web. Like Troy Fasquel at Jim Gilbert’s Wheels & Deals, you need to get in NOW! And as your potential followers will be made up of more and more millennials, theses numbers are critical since nearly two thirds of millennials prefer video to text.

Gary Vaynerchuk understands this shift better than most as exemplified by his production of 1,276 videos to date, prompting 484, 191 people to subscribe to his YouTube channel.


The key is producing content on a consistent basis that has a chance to be shared by an actual human being. That’s why constant “pitches” and shameless self-promotion on social media doesn’t work. Your content must be original and add value to someone’s day. Strive to be the “go-to” person in your space when other people are looking for expert advice or information on a popular topic. When you are seen as a trusted authority in your industry,more people will be genuinely interested in following you and sharing your insights. If you are not getting any organic shares at all, chances are you have to go back to the content drawing board and develop a more compelling message.


Stop talking about your products and services. Start telling stories that have some sort of dramatic flair whether they be intriguing or inspirational; educational or entertaining. People are tired of being sold to, but they will appreciate a story that adds real value or a bit of fun that puts an extra bounce in their step.  No one will blame or criticize you for sharing some infotainment that might give them an edge or a chuckle. Jim Gilbert’s Wheels & Deals has embraced story-telling for well over a decade and the results speak for themselves. As Melissa Schenk of MS2 Productions describes, “seeing is believing”.

Beginning on February 14, 2017 HUGGABLE UNIVERSITY will release its first on-line class as Jim Gilbert and I share timeless secrets that created astonishing business growth, substantial differentiation and a long-term strategy to build brand equity.

 Back in 2006, this otherwise ordinary, Mom-and-Pop business,from a most unlikely category, started doubling and tripling its annual sales volume and wound up becoming a bonafide “Category of One”; earning a reputation as one of the country’s greatest small business success stories.

CEO’s, entrepreneurs and start-ups from all over the world can now plug into these insights and become part of an on-line community dedicated to building their business and brand in a similar fashion.  HUGGABLE UNIVERSITY is now accepting pre-registrations for its monthly offering of video-based lessons, downloadable tools and unconventional curriculum that will help any business get noticed, get ahead and get results.

Here is a quick overview.

Originally published in Reinvention Chronicles

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