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It is funny how life works. Sometimes you can connect the dots looking back and it all makes sense, but you would have never guessed where you would have ended up at the beginning of your journey. Wendy Papadopoulos is a great example of this.

Wendy is now the brew master at Big Tide Brewing, Saint John, New Brunswick first and only brew pub when it opened. Wendy got her start after finishing her undergraduate degree in microbiology and took her first post-university job as an assistant brew master in Canmore, Alberta. After ten years and progressing through the ranks at the brewery, Wendy returned to New Brunswick and took a job working in economic development, then communications, then investment attraction, and then small business support. Wendy even taught a university class on how to start a small business.

This path eventually brought her back to her passion for brewing beer at Big Tide. Check out this episode of Boiling Point to see how the collection of knowledge and experiences you have had can combine into your next big venture.

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